How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords With The Help Of Apps


Wi-Fi: For those who are always on the streets or traveling, finding a free Wi-Fi hotspot turns out to be essential. Thus, hotspots are a way to save internet data and device battery.

Today, there are apps for iOS and Android that help users find public networks with free access. Next, we’ve separated five apps that allow people to find passwords and stay connected wherever they are.

WiFi Map

WiFi Map is one of the most popular apps among travelers looking for internet access points. Through an interactive map, the tool uses an intelligent search that identifies the public networks closest to the user.

The collaborative platform informs more than 100 million hotspots with passwords in different parts of the world. With this, the app allows users to add new places and contribute to the entire community.


Instabridge is another application option with a huge base of registered free internet points. According to the developer, the platform has the “largest WiFi community in the world”.

There are more than 10 million registered networks that offer secure internet access. In order to encourage collaboration, users earn points when they add new connections to the app and all of this is registered in a world ranking.


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