How To Find Out Your Monitor Resolution In Windows 10


Windows 10: You may not have any problem installing the new screen that you have bought for your computer. It’s simple: you just have to give it energy and link it with the team from which you want to work. However, you may need a little more information about the screen at some point, even things as simple as figuring out the screen resolution. We tell you in the following paragraphs how to find it from your computer and if you need to modify it.

How to know the resolution of your monitor

The answer to this question is very simple and is clearly answered by looking at the manufacturer’s instructions. Both in the box and in the manual of the peripheral you will find all the information regarding it, including the resolution it has. But this refers to the maximum resolution that the device reaches, something that can be adjusted at will from the computer to which you connect it.

How to check and change the resolution from Windows 10

The previous step is quite obvious, but it is necessary to have it. Now, there is a way to know what the current resolution of your screen is. This will help you to adapt the quality of the content you want to reproduce, including the size of the elements you have on the screen. To find this feature you have two options: The first is to go through the Windows button path> settings> System or right-click on the screen and click on the Screen Settings option.

Whichever route you choose, you will get to the same point. This is where you have to take a look at the point where it says Screen resolution, where you will clearly see what your monitor is currently supporting. Later, you can enter this section and choose which is the one that best suits your needs.

What is the best resolution for your monitor?

This question is answered as that the best resolution of your monitor is the maximum that it can support. Currently 4K is already incorporated in most screens, but if this is not the case (or if you do not want to put it in 4K), the minimum would be 1280×720. Indeed, this is the minimum resolution to enjoy HD content on your computer, but if you can, opt for FullHD, which is 1920x1080p. Then you will have a very good viewing quality without going to the marvelous 4K.

Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the more space you will have on the screen, so you will have to configure the size of the icons later.