How to find out who looks at your Instagram profile?


“How can you tell who looks at my Instagram profile?” It has become one of the most asked questions of recent years. Frankly, the platform does not offer official support for this. But is it possible to get the answer to this question thanks to some third-party applications? We will look for an answer to this question!

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing focused social media networks. Working under the Facebook company, the service cares about the privacy of users. Therefore, you can browse the profile of any user on Instagram, provided that their account is not private. However, that person cannot understand that you are watching him. At least the platform doesn’t leak this information directly. But there is a way to find out.

Who viewed my Instagram profile? How do i know

If a tight stalker is following you, he will do his best not to leave a trace behind. However, if the person in question was an amateur, he left a mark behind. The easiest way to understand this is with the Stories feature. If you have shared a story in the last 24 hours, you can take a look at who viewed it. Profiles that you do not follow each other will appear at the bottom of the screen. This method is “How to tell who looks at my Instagram profile?” It is the simplest and safest answer to the question.

However, as we said, a good stalker will not fall into this mistake! What are we going to do? Frankly, unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this. Although “Who looked at my Instagram profile?” Applications come to mind in the first place, it is useful to be a little distant to such applications.

Are the ‘Who viewed my Instagram profile’ applications real?

“Who viewed my profile? Does their application work?” If you think, let’s clarify this question immediately. Neither Instagram nor Facebook allow such apps to function. Due to privacy rules, no user on Instagram can follow who watches their account. This has never been possible before, and most likely it will never happen.

Who viewed my Instagram profile? Do these apps work?

The app stores for Android and iOS operating systems are filled with numerous ‘people who viewed my profile’ applications. Maybe dozens of similar applications are added to the Google Play Store or App Store every week. But these applications definitely do not work.

“Those who look at my Instagram profile” style applications can usually have a high star rating in mobile stores. However, this does not indicate that they are reliable. Most of the comments written under the application are fake. Free apps aside, paid ones do not provide any benefit. In the end, you will only be out of your money.

In addition, after downloading such applications, you will be asked to enter your username and password in Instagram and log in. In other words, you give your private information to application developers with your own hands. It is even possible for your account to be compromised at the end of the day. One of the common examples results in users unwittingly following other accounts.


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