How to find out the state registration of a CNPJ or CPF


The State Registration is the registration that the company needs to collect the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS). It is mandatory for companies in the areas of industry, commerce, transport, services and other activities that involve the sale, transport or storage of physical products.

The registration is similar to the CNPJ, but, as it is a state responsibility, it has rules and requirements that vary depending on where the company’s headquarters are. Subject to the specifics of each state, however, the Registration number will always consist of nine digits, of which the first two indicate the federative unit. See how to discover the State Registration on the Internet.

How to know the State registration by CNPJ or CPF

The State Registration can be consulted on the website of the Integrated Information System on Interstate Operations with Goods and Services (SINTEGRA), which is the federal platform responsible for consolidating and making taxpayer information available to state farm entities.

Step 1. To consult the State Registration, access the Sintegra website ( and click on the map about the state where the company is located;

Step 2. Enter the taxpayer CNPJ or CPF and click on the captcha. The CPF consultation is valid for individual companies that fit in activities that imply the incidence of ICMS;

Step 3. If the company or taxpayer has State Registration, the website will display a table at the bottom of the screen containing the company’s corporate name and IE number;

Step 4. You can also click on the company name to view a panel with various data about the company, such as address, telephone number and types of activities performed.


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