How to find free and ad-free games for Android


To make life easier for mobile game lovers, the Google Play Store launched a new feature that allows the application of filters in your search engine. With this new feature, searches are more targeted and quick, making it easier to search for free games on the platform.

The feature was incorporated into the application in an intuitive way, allowing anyone to use it without major difficulties. Before this possibility, the user was faced with a long list of application suggestions – which, I mean, did not always help much.

It is now possible to filter games based on their rating, value, whether or not they have advertising, etc. Filters can be applied directly to the home page or within a search, eliminating less interesting options.

Free games without ads

To filter these titles, make sure you have the latest version from the Google Play Store. Enter the application and, on the home page, find the “Explore more” section. Below, you can see a series of search filters. Choose the “Free installation” and “No ads” options, and enjoy!

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