How to find an investment that can yield 100 times profit?


Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs executive and CEO of Real Vision, explained his views on how to find the next investment that could generate 100 times the revenue.

Raoul Pal, the investor and CEO of Real Vision, known as the Bitcoin and Ethereum bull, shared his ideas on how to find the next investment that could generate 100 times the revenue.

Speaking in an interview, Pal said that a life-changing ‘bet’ is not far away:

“A situation arises in connection with what you already know. There is a great preparation ahead. Paths come together, ideas overlap, and you feel where to invest and when. Then you start working, do your homework on time… You decide whether this is a trade or a long-term job… ”

“You need a strong will”

Stating that it is not right to listen to what everyone has to say or give advice, Pal said that more is needed than discovering what the majority see:

“You need more than opportunities that are very clear and open. You have to see what people don’t see. It is not very difficult to discover what everyone sees. When you achieve this, the opportunity begins to come to you. You look for an asymmetrical formation. You try to find a trade formation and then find that you can last for a long time. As we have seen with very serious falls, many people have been marked as crazy for a long time. Many of them could not take it either. These things are difficult. A strong will is required. This is where real gain and wealth come from. ”

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“Bitcoin will progress thanks to these 3 pillars”

Stating that Ethereum is a platform option in the future of the financial sector, Pal states that Bitcoin is still a serious investment opportunity for the future and says that it is behind the investment theses on BTC:

“Bitcoin started with small investors, now it has gone to corporate! Therefore, the money that will flow into the crypto universe will reach enormous dimensions. This is the first hypothesis. The second is that PlanB is a value of the stock-flow model. It’s available not only for Bitcoin, but also for gold and other assets. Third, technology is constantly evolving. This situation creates a serious potential for the future for the entire financial system. I think these 3 hypotheses are the most important anchor points in this trade “


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