How to enter the Clubhouse? How to start a chat


The social network application Clubhouse, which has been popular recently, does not fall off the agenda. From social media phenomena to politicians, from famous businessmen to actors, this Clubhouse social media application has become the most talked-about topic of recent times. With the chat of Elon Musk, Clubhouse, which is TT on Twitter, is getting more widespread, “How to get into Clubhouse? The answer to questions such as “How to start a chat” is also curious.

What did Elon Musk talk at the Clubhouse?

Before answering these questions, let’s look at the application… Unlike social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Clubhouse, whose developer is Alpha Exploration and debuted in early 2020, does not allow visual and written sharing in any way. This voice-based social media application, which offers only voice chat as a concept, has been launched to direct social media as its producers say.

1. What is a clubhouse?

Clubhouse stands out as a social media application that only allows audio sharing. Unlike social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it completely eliminates social media activities such as text, visuals, comments and likes, allowing audio sharing only in established chat rooms. In addition, since the application was newly developed, only iPhone users can login in the first place.

2. How to download Clubhouse?

As mentioned before, Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS devices. Therefore

  • Open the App Store store
  • Download the Clubhouse app
  • After the application is opened you will need to set a username
  • At this stage, you will be asked to register with your mobile phone number, registration or invitation code.
  • If you register with your mobile phone number, you will be placed in a waiting queue.
  • If you register with the invitation code, you can quickly register for the application.
  • Then you will make some markings about your interests.
  • You are ready to use the application, you can enter the room you want and be the listener or you can create a room yourself and become a moderator.

3. How to enter Clubhouse application?

Unfortunately, the Clubhouse application is not a social media application that we will register and log in directly. First of all, you need to get an invitation code from someone who has used the application or registered before. If you do not know someone who has used this application around you, you can search for Clubhouse on Twitter and grab one of the shared invitations or you can contact someone who uses the Clubhouse application to send you an invitation. However, some of them put these invitations to pay, while others can give them for free. The choice is up to you.

But don’t worry if you can’t find an invitation in any way. This application, which you can register with your mobile phone, naturally puts you in a waiting queue and when your turn comes, you can log in to the Clubhouse application.

4. How can you create your Clubhouse profile?

You downloaded the application and registered with the application by finding the required invitation. It’s time to create your profile and be ready for chat. Just like other social media apps, you need to create your profile to give others the information they need to know about you. The application first asks for a profile photo from you. The app also states that having a smiling profile picture would be more interesting. Then you need to choose a biography that will appear at the bottom of your profile photo.

Clubhouse states that the biography is the most important factor in implementation. Biography article; It is stated that it is a very important factor to type in what kind of conversations you want to be involved in, what kind of topics you want to discuss, and also various keywords that make it easier for other members to find you when they search.

5. What is the Clubhouse chat corridor?

It’s actually where all the magic happens. Here are various rooms with active and ongoing conversations and the ‘start room’ option where you can start your own chat and become a moderator. At the top of the Clubhouse chat corridor, there is a section where the chat rooms you have attended before and the chat rooms you plan to join.

In addition, you can see the details of the chat rooms in this section, such as how many people are in them. In this section, you can join the conversation by logging in to whatever topic you are interested in.

6. How to chat Clubhouse?

Imagine you are in a big congress, when you walk in there is a speaker and dozens of listeners. Consider also that there are people who get up and speak by taking the floor. This must be the concept that the Clubhouse application wants to fully implement. As we mentioned before, you first enter the room as a listener and cannot participate in the conversation in any way. However, there will be a manual raise button at the bottom right of the chat screen, so you are asking the moderator for permission to join the chat. If the moderator approves your request, you can become a speaker by participating in the chat.

Another option is to create a room for yourself if you want to use it as a moderator. In this way, you have all the power and you can control the conversation, the people who will join the conversation and the progress of the chat. You can also include people listening to you in your chat by sending an invitation.


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