How to enjoy the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2020


11.11, also known as Singles’ Day or Double Eleven, was created in China by the technology multinational Alibaba and today the largest festival of offers in the world, with discounts of up to 70% and expressive numbers. In 2019 alone, there were 1.3 billion orders in just 24 hours, generating a sales volume of US $ 38.4 billion.

To get an idea of ​​the size and power of the date, in 2019 Alibaba’s 11.11 collected more than double the amount of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday together, numbers that represent the entire 3-year turnover of Brazilian e-commerce .

How to enjoy the best that the AliExpress website and app can offer?

The AliExpress app has exclusive features that promise to create a new shopping experience, as well as offering coupons, offers and showing the latest trends.

One of the main tips to take advantage of the date is the camera function, right on the app’s home page. Allowing your access, you can photograph any object, such as clothing, electronics, decoration and whatever else you want. When the photo is sent, the application shows as a result the same or similar products that are for sale on the website. If the object in question is not available to be photographed, just send an image and let AliExpress do the rest.

It is also possible to follow the news feed in real time, with photos and videos of influencers and shopkeepers showing and testing the products so that the consumer can inform himself with those who most understand the subject to help with purchases.

Based on behavior and search history, the news feed is able to suggest products based on user preferences, making the shopping experience even more dynamic and fun, with the possibility of exchanging experiences and opinions among consumers.

The news feed also includes the “Live” tab, in which there will be several live broadcasts in more than 10 languages ​​with the best technology, fashion and decoration products. It is an opportunity to follow and interact with the KOLs (key opinion leaders) who will unbox selected products, answer questions, conduct sweepstakes and offer exclusive coupons and discounts valid only during lives.


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