How to Enable Google Docs Dark Mode on Mobile and PC


Using dark mode on a bright Mac display looks great. The content stands out and can save your eyes these late nights. Here is a quick guide on how to activate it and use the built-in dark themes, wallpapers and more.

There is no need to explain what the dark mode is. While this is not new, Apple has started shipping a special dark mode with macOS Mojave.

Even though the dark mode on a Mac may not have much effect on the battery, it makes the content fantastic. Some people even say that it helps them focus on work, and some just like how colors stand out against a dark background. In addition, a constant look at the ultra-bright MacBook display from a close distance does not benefit the eyes.

Since its introduction, dark mode has been one of the most beloved features of many. In particular, the “Auto” mode allows you to change the scenic view during the day according to your watch.

Here is a detailed guide on how to permanently enable dark mode on your Mac.

Google Docs Dark Mode on PC

Yes, it requires Chromium browser to use dark mode. For those who use Mozilla Firefox, you can try DocsAfterDark.

After you have downloaded the browser, go here and download the Google Docs Dark Mode extension. This will give you the opportunity in the extensions menu to change Google Docs, as you guessed, to dark mode.

It’s so simple. Although this is not ideal, since you will be writing white on black, and it may turn out to be worse for you, there are other options that should be considered. Find the one you like and delete the ones you don’t like. We’re not sure what will happen if you install two at the same time, but we’re sure it won’t break anything… too much.

Enabling dark mode on a mobile phone

Then on mobile devices (meaning iOS devices and Android devices), grab the app and we’ll go to the menu using the hamburger button. From here, click settings and you can choose a theme. Light, dark and system default will be your options.

If dark mode is already activated on your device, you need to click “Default System”. This ensures that the application will always follow what you have set for the entire system.


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