How to enable 2-step verification on PS4


The PS4, like virtually all devices that require an account for identification, has the option of sending an SMS code as a guarantee of secure access. The procedure is simple and can be done by the console itself.

The importance of activating two-step verification is to avoid possible intrusions and improper access to the account and, consequently, to have your data stolen, in addition to running the risk of losing purchased games and applications.

Check the setup procedure.

1. On the PS4 home screen, go to “Settings”.

2. Go to “Account management”.

Access the Account Management option
Go to the “Account management” option.
Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

3. Select the “Account information” option and go to “Security”.

Access the Security option to continue the configuration procedure
Access the “Security” option to continue the configuration procedure.
Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

4. If you are not logged in with your account, log in. Then go to the “2-step verification” option.

Go to 2-Step Verification to set up a mobile number
Go to “2-step verification” to set up a mobile number
Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

5. Go to “Configure Now”.

6. Add the cell phone number (with area code) to which the system will send a code every time you log in to PS4.

7. You will receive a message on the cell phone informed to confirm the procedure.

With everything set up, your mobile number will appear as registered in your account
With everything set up, your cell phone number will appear as registered in the account.
Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

With everything set up, you will be disconnected from the account of all devices on which you are using your PSN ID, so you will need to reconnect already by performing the 2-step verification process.

It is also possible to generate unique backup codes in case of loss of the registered number or if, for some other reason, you are no longer able to receive the verification code.

To access them, do the following procedure.

1. Return to the 2-step verification screen.

In the Backup Codes option, you will generate unique codes to use if you lose access to your cell phone number
In the option “Backup codes” you generate unique codes in case you lose access to the cell phone number.
Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

2. Access the option “Backup codes”.

3. Write down the codes and don’t make them available to anyone. They will be needed if you are unable to access your account one day.

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