How to earn Cod Points in Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty: Mobile is the first-person shooter for mobile phones based on the successful Activision franchise. Although it is completely free to play, it has a virtual currency known as Cod Points (or CP, in its abbreviation) that is useful for purchasing various cosmetic items – that is, that do not offer a competitive advantage.

Below, we list some ways to add CPs to your account, either with real money (and showing a way to guarantee a larger amount for your purchase) or others without having to pay anything in the real world for that.

Buying CPs with real money

The quickest way to earn Cod Points is to invest real money in the in-game store. Here, just use your credit card on the Play Store or App Store to purchase one of the packages, some of which offer an extra bonus in the amount of points without increasing the value for that reason.

Minimum purchase: 80 CP ($ 3.90);
Average purchase: 800 CP + 10% = 880 CP ($ 37.90);
Largest purchase: 8000 CP + 35% = 10800 CP ($ 379.90).

In the case of the larger package, you take home a bonus of 2800 CP (which would be equivalent to about four packages of the average economy purchase) – quite advantageous, by the way.

Earning credit to spend on the game

Now let’s go to a method for you to earn money and spend on the game without necessarily increasing your monthly balance. There are several research programs that reward your participation with money, and in some of them you can exchange the balance obtained by cards from the Play Store and the App Store.

Among the most traditional, we can mention Google Opinion Rewards (which allows you to exchange the values ​​obtained for anything available within the store for Android devices), Toluna, MySeems and many others. That way, you can get extra features in Call of Duty: Mobile for free.


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