How to download the PlayStation 5 app for iOS and Android


The renewed PlayStation application offers advantages so that we have access to PS5 functions on our mobile phone. We tell you everything.

One of the advantages of the PlayStation ecosystem compared to a long time ago is that the PlayStation App has been renewed from top to bottom. PS5 and PS4 users can now download this application with a multitude of interesting functions on iOS and Android, such as seeing our friends, managing our library or chatting with friends. Now that PS5 is available worldwide, we recommend downloading it because it offers many benefits. We tell you how.

Despite the difficult situation with PS5 reservations in Spain, in this article we tell you where to reserve it, at what times the reservations open and which stores have confirmed more stock for these next few weeks.

Download the PlayStation App on iOS and Android for free

To download the PlayStation App, which is completely free, just click on the links below, depending on whether you use an iPhone (iOS operating system) or an Android phone.

Download the PlayStation App for iOS here
Download the PlayStation App for Android here

What does the new PlayStation app allow?

Know who of your friends is connected and what they are playing on both PS4 and PS5.
Communicate via voice chat and text messages with your PSN friends.
View profiles of other users and their trophies.
Browse the PS Store to find out about new releases, take a look at the latest offers and discounts in the store …
Download games and add-ons to your console remotely, even if you don’t have the console turned on (you need to configure your PS5 this way).
Manage your PS5 storage in case you run out of space on a download.
Quick login and open games on your PS5 remotely.

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