How to download the cat filter in ZOOM for your video calls


Every week there is a viral video that explodes on the networks, an event that begins to spread and ends up starring in the headlines in the press and spaces on TV. And in the current reality of social networks, Augmented Reality filters are often the protagonists of this. But what happens when you mix an AR filter, a fashion app, and cats? That the Internet jumps.

Zoom’s cat

Between Monday and Tuesday of this week a video appeared on the Internet that was too bizarre to be true, but it was: In a virtual trial in the state of Texas, in a split screen of a zoom meeting in which the two lawyers and the judge, one of the lawyers had a ‘mishap’: instead of seeing his face a cat was seen, or rather the augmented reality filter of a cat.

The funny / pathetic thing was that the lawyer didn’t know how to disconnect him, even calling his assistant. In his confusion, he assures the judge that “I am” here live. I’m not a cat “, and he responds” I can see it “, and that mixture of worried tone and the cat making faces is what has given the video viral success.

How to download the cat filter in Zoom

What happened to this man? Apparently, the lawyer activated a filter of ‘Snap Camera’, a free desktop app that adds thousands of lenses and AR filters to use in video calls, including lenses made by Snapchat – a pioneer in the AR filters that are now so fashionable.

Would you like to become the most famous cat on the Internet this week? If you want the cat filter to use in Zoom, here’s how to download it:

Download the free Snap Camera app for Windows or Mac (be sure to read the terms and conditions first). It will ask for your permission to use your camera and microphone.
Open the app and you will find a variety of ‘lenses’ or filters to search. What you choose will appear at the top of the application, where you can see it superimposed on your face.
Go to the Lens Search bar, and type in “kitty” (or whatever else you want to try).
Search among the different options and choose the cat that most catches your attention.
To connect your new filter to Zoom, open the Zoom app (you may need to restart it if it was already open while Snap Camera was downloading).
In Zoom, go to Settings> Video> Camera, and from the drop-down menu, select Snap Camera. You should see your face with the filter you’ve selected appearing in the preview.
Start or join a Zoom meeting. Your face will appear as a kitten, or as the filter you have selected.
To deactivate the filters, just go back to Settings> Video> Camera, and choose your usual camera again.


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