How to download Safari in Windows 10


Many Apple users miss some of the features of their beloved gadgets when they switch to the competition. This happens very often, and sometimes against your will. And it is that at home you can have a Mac and at work a computer with Windows 10, for example. But today it’s time to give a solution to users of the bitten apple to have Safari in Windows 10.

Yes, you can use Safari on Windows 10

Software is one of the most important pieces to work on a computer, whatever brand they are. In fact, different developers make different versions in order to cover more systems offering the same possibilities to all. However, this does not always happen if we see the section of Internet browsers. It turns out that you use the system you have you can choose Edge, Firefox or Chrome to mention a few, but Safari has remained in the bitten apple.

Luckily, for all lovers of the compass browser, there is hope to install Safari on Windows 10. It should be noted that it is an old version of the application that you can still download, although this is far from the most current version, the 14, but that was when the browser was compatible with the Redmond operating system. Follow the following steps to have it on your computer:

Download the program at the link and run it

Accept the terms and conditions and install it

Choose it as the default browser if you wish.

Once installed right click on the browser icon

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Go to Properties> Compatibility

Click on the ‘run for’ option and select a previous version of Windows

Some websites will not load

Then everything goes through the usual procedure of what is the use and management of a traditional browser. Yes, you will have Safari running on Windows 10, but you must keep in mind that the version is 5.34. As we told you at the beginning, it is far from the current version and some web pages will not load. Yes, Google will be available for you to ask for your favorite pages, but these may have much more advanced security protocols that prevent Apple’s browser from working.


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