How to download Netflix on smartphones, televisions


According to the New York Times, Netflix has a total of 182.8 million subscribers worldwide, making it one of the largest on-demand content services in the world, and the most popular at the end-user level without a doubt, because the on-demand VOD content platform has been able to adapt to the user, their environment, tastes and disposition.

And it is that one of the secrets of Netflix’s success has undoubtedly been the variety of devices and systems with which it is compatible. You can watch the service on a TV through the official app; in the web browser of a laptop; Even on the smartphone that you carry in your pocket, you can watch The Curse of Bly Manor or Stranger Things.

How to download Netflix on smartphones, televisions and consoles
Depending on the one you have, the Netflix application will already come pre-installed or you will have to download it. You can watch Netflix from any device connected to the Internet that includes the Netflix application. Netflix-ready devices include:

Download Netflix on mobiles and tablets

You can download Netflix from your device’s application store. To install Netflix, follow the link corresponding to your device in the list for smartphones and tablets below.

Download / Watch Netflix on PC

You can access Netflix from your internet browser: Just visit and log in or create a new account. If you have a computer with Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can also download the Netflix application for Windows from this link.

Download / Watch Netflix on a Smart TV, Streaming Media Player, Set-top Box or Blu-ray Player

Most devices include Netflix as a pre-installed application that can be accessed from the main menu or from a Netflix button on the remote control. If you can’t find Netflix on the main menu or remote, your device may have an app store from which you can download the Netflix app.

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If you can’t find the app store or don’t see Netflix on it, contact your device manufacturer and ask how you can access Netflix.


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