How To Download And Install Mods On Friday Night Funkin


Friday Night Funkin ‘keeps receiving mods created by the community. We tell you how to install new ones and which ones you should take into account. Friday Night Funkin ‘continues to be the social media sensation of the moment. The game, which will make the leap to other platforms thanks to collective financing, has received a multitude of creations from the community. Songs, characters, entire weeks … Everything you can imagine is modified. Therefore, today we tell you how to install mods and which ones are the most outstanding so far.

How to download and install mods on Friday Night Funkin ‘

To install mods you must have the Windows version of Friday Night Funkin ‘installed, whose download links you will find in the piece linked at the top. Once you have it, simply head over to one of the mod platforms, like Nexus Mods or Game Banana, and find the mod you want to bring into the game.

Once the mod is chosen, you must make sure what type of content we are talking about. If they are new music or skins, you have to find the root folder where you have the game installed and look for a folder called assets. Inside they are divided according to what you want to put: if they are new sprites, put it in images; if it’s music do it in sound. Inside them copy the files that you have extracted from the zip and paste them in their corresponding folders. Start the game and you will have it.

Then we leave you with some of the best mods that you can find in it.


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