How to Disable Your Location on iPhone


Do I need to stop receiving these annoying location notifications from the Weather app, or just avoid this particular person for a while? Really.

Location. That’s all some apps are asking for these days. All this in order to provide you with the right advertising or content for your region. For example, using a VPN and then watching YouTube, you will show ads for that other country, not for the country where you are located.

Disable location data on iPhone

To quickly disable your location on the iPhone, simply swipe down from the home screen and enter “Location”. The first result that he will give you will lead you to the menu that we need to go to. Now there is a toggle switch in the menu called “Geolocation Services”. Disable this and you will get a warning.

In fact, if you decide to use Find My to track the device, it will automatically turn on. Keep this in mind, as this will also include all other apps that have requested and been approved for use.

On the iPhone, it must be explicitly installed for different applications. In “Location Services” you will be able to see how each application uses the data and how.

Here you can disable their access until you see fit. This is great for social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well as Snapchat. In the tracking section you will find applications that can use your data to provide various content. For us, there was only TikTok here and everything is off.

Is location data required?

No, your location data is not needed for anything. Some apps may insist on this, and it is necessary for accurate tracking if you are going in the right direction when following the maps, but there is no outside of this. You will never need it for anything.

Apple M.O. protection a couple of years ago, in fact, broke a lot of companies monitoring your data.

Location data is necessary so that the Weather app can provide you with updates, as well as use location data sharing. Apps like Pokemon Go won’t work correctly if you want to go to a specific location. However, you will regain your privacy from a watchful eye.


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