How to disable automatic brightness in iOS


The screen is one of the most delicate and important elements for a smartphone. Before you had a physical keyboard to call, but these days you need numbers, letters, emojis and gestures with which to talk, call and use your smartphone in general. But one of the characteristics that you need to take into account when using your terminal is the brightness level and whether you want to keep it at a level or make it vary according to lighting conditions, we will show you how to activate automatic brightness in iOS.

A somewhat hidden function

The settings of an electronic equipment must be easily recognizable and each one must maintain all its functions. However, you may find some somewhat hidden options that you never thought you would find in such a remote place or that did not go directly with you. Now we tell you why we tell you this, but it has a lot to do with activating automatic brightness in iOS.

You may think you have to touch something on the Settings screen, but you won’t find what you’re looking for here. With the following steps you will understand how you can activate the automatic brightness function:

  • Go to the route Settings> General> Accessibility
  • Slide the panel to the last option
  • Press the button to activate or deactivate the option

As you can see, the automatic brightness function on both iPad and iPhone is somewhat hidden. In fact, the option does not appear in the quick menu controls, so yes or yes you have to use this feature to activate it. By default, the function is activated, so this trick will help you deactivate it or at least know where it is to interact with it when you need it.

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