How To Delete Search History On Netflix?


How to delete search history on Netflix, one of the most used digital platforms? Here’s what you need to do step by step…


Netflix, which is the most preferred TV series and movie watching platform in the world, is offered to users with many features. This platform, which includes various series, movies and documentaries, also has the opportunity to track search history and delete this history.

Based on your search history, Netflix recommends a few related TV shows or movies. This feature, which works for many people, can be annoying for some people. For this, it is very convenient to delete your search history. Here’s what you need to do to delete Netflix search history

Is it possible to permanently delete your entire Netflix history?

If you are tired of the suggestions that the Netflix algorithm feeds you, it is perfectly normal to want to delete it permanently. However, the account management function has no effect in this direction. If you want a clean history, opening a new Netflix account is the best option.

How to delete Netflix search history?

  • First, log in to your profile with your account information.
  • If multiple people use the account, choose your own profile. However, if only you are using it, you can directly enter the Account tab.
  • Select View Activity under My Profile.
  • Click the X next to the title to remove searches from your viewing history.
  • Click “Remove Title” if you want to remove an entire series.
  • These steps work on both desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile device browsers. Anything you remove will be deleted from your search history within 24 hours.

How to hide your Netflix viewing history from the account page?

To delete your viewing history, you must first log into your Netflix account. Then click on the “Account” option in the upper right corner of the menu. When you select the “View Activity” option, you will see a long list of what you watched.

At the end of each line is a “hide” option that will remove it from your history. Thanks to this option, it is possible to hide the things you watch from your history.

Remove items from the Continue Watching list

It’s super easy to remove items from your “Continue Watching” line. Hover over the TV show or movie you want to remove. Select the cross next to the dislike symbol. Then select the “Remove from Row” option.

Click on this option and Netflix will present you with three options. When you choose any of them, that series or movie will be removed from all your Netflix applications. You can also perform this operation on the application.