How to delete apps on iOS 14! Here are the Details


IPhone users already have iOS 14. The operating system has brought great changes and many have had to get used to them. In fact, some things as simple as deleting apps have also received substantial changes that you should know about. And they are things that as a user you should know, whether you launch your first iPhone or are a regular of the brand.

New ways to delete apps in iOS 14

The operating system of Apple phones stands out for being very simple, outrageously simple. And now they are much more so since the front of the terminal does not have a single button. Everything is done from the screen, where you have all the available options that you can perform. Among them is a very basic one that you must master, such as removing applications in iOS 14.

And it is important to emphasize the version of the operating system, as this function has gotten changes in this version. The first thing you should know is that the traditional method continues. That is, if you want to remove an app from your phone, you just have to keep the icon in question and wait for everyone on the screen to shake. Then press the minus buttons at the top and all the data will be erased instantly.

Yes, you already knew this one, but with the arrival of the App Library, everything has an added difficulty. Or not so much, since thanks to the help of the search bar it is possible to delete an application in iOS 14. With this we bring you good news and that is that you do not need to move an app from the drawer where it was saved to the desktop to delete it. What you have to do in this case is to find the program in question and delete it either from within the drawer or from the new search box.

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However, this is where things change. You will not see the application shake and instead a new window will appear with which you can see different actions to be carried out. Among them is the one we have told you about, that of deleting applications.


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