How to defend in FIFA 21: tactics, tips and tricks


The headache for many: how to defend in FIFA 21. We offer you our recommendations, tactics and tips to be a wall behind.

FIFA 21 has already distributed the first rewards of Divisions Rivals, the edition of the EA Sports simulator lands like every year. In this installment two more platforms will be added: Xbox Series X | S and PS5. The new generation is already prepared for those who want to make the leap without having to spend a single euro more.

The gameplay does not usually change from year to year. However, players always find a real headache in defense. It is difficult to place the centrals, the wings and especially the composition of the transition back. As part of our detailed guide, today we will talk about what you have to keep in mind when defending.

Tutorial: how to defend in FIFA 21

We will talk about the blackboard later; now it’s time to know what we should do with our players in the defensive phase. Thanks to improvements in artificial intelligence, players are more aware of their statistics. That is, if a center-back has 86 defense, he will act consistently when blocking and cornering the rival.

If we take control of that player, we must take into account a series of characteristics: position, distance between the opponent and movement. To keep those between defender and attacker, we will perform our actions always keeping the left trigger pressed (at least with the alternative control). In this way you can fight, which allows the player to sweep the ball when the rival striker is unconcerned.

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Think the same as in real life. If we have a striker coming towards us, we give him a few meters to decide his dribbling movement. When he does, using the grapple action we will anticipate his position and sweep that ball cleanly. In these things you should not make entry movements.

When will you try to steal? When you see that the other has taken the ball off its position, therefore the entry will be clean and any subsequent contact will not be recorded as missing. In the alternative control method, the basic input is made by pressing square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. On the other hand, the round (or B on Xbox) will be used when one end is running. We will always do so when we see that we are ahead of the ball from one side, never from the front. Aggressive entry can carry penalties if we fail.


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