How to defeat Nemesis in Returnal

Returnal: We tell you how to finish off Nemesis, Returnal’s third final boss. This giant will turn your play area upside down. He knows the best strategies. Returnal has become one of the surprises of this 2021. The exclusive PS5 by Housemarque has allowed us to immerse ourselves in intense combats that end with the epic conclusion against a final boss. After telling you how to defeat Ixion and Phrike, today we focus on the third: Nemesis. This fight will put everything you have learned about the whip to the test.

How to defeat Nemesis in Returnal

Nemesis is the final boss you will face in the third world of Returnal: The Abandoned Citadel. Climbing the Transmission Tower you will find an enemy that has little to do with the previous two: we face a mass whose attack is divided into the companions that levitate around it.

As always, it has three health bars that change the combat as you break them. You must bring to the confrontation a weapon that acts well at long range. Discard the shotgun if you have one.

Next we leave you with the steps that you must take into account.

First phase

When using the object that activates the combat you will appear in a small piece of land in front of the boss, a giant surrounded by other companions. You must concentrate the shots throughout the section on the heart, the red orb that appears highlighted on its chest. The rest of the time you must try to survive enemy attacks.

It is a fairly quiet phase; in fact, the whole boss is quite affordable if you don’t lose your attention to the lasers, which are accompanied by expanding energy circles. The problem here is based on the little playing space we have, but it is not a problem when you have internalized the basic mechanics.,

Second stage

The second phase alters the speed of the attacks, which now come with waves of energy balls that can catch you when you jump. The game space is broken into 4 pieces. You can go from one to the other using the hook. There is no problem in this regard. When you do enough damage to Nemesis, he will change positions and go to another platform. He keeps hitting and you can have him within range.

You must remain vigilant when you break this life bar. What will happen will take you to the last phase.



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