How to Defeat Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak


Malzeno is the senior dragon in Monster Hunter Rise, the main monster in the new Sunbreak expansion. With a body similar to Velhana from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Malseno is a massive dragon-like creature that can suck the life out of Hunters and other monsters with a new state effect known as Bloody Decay. This Bloodborne-like mechanic in Rise reduces the natural recovery of health and slowly reduces the HP of the victim. In addition, the amount of health replenished with medical items is reduced. However, Hunters can damage Malseno to restore their health in proportion to the damage done.

Elder Dragon Malzeno has three combat modes that hunters should be aware of: Neutral, Bloodblight mode and Enraged. During Neutral Mode, Malzeno will perform techniques and attacks, some of which players already know from other monsters. As soon as Bloodblight mode is active, Elder Dragon will glow with a dark purple-red light, and its abilities will always cause Bloodblight to players. Finally, in a state of rage, Malseno’s scales turn black, and some features of the body glow bright red. The monster is extremely dangerous in Monster Hunter Rise at this time and should be handled carefully.

When players encounter Malseno in battle, they notice that some of his attacks during the neutral phase discharge the Bloody Decay differently. The Elder Dragon has full control over his Bloodblight abilities and can deal damage to players from close range, from AoE and even from afar. As mentioned above, the priority of a Hunter affected by a Bloody Blight should be an offensive, an attack on Malzen to restore lost HP. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove this effect other than to let it disappear.

Victory over Malzen in MHR: Sunbreak

As Malseno continues to hit the Hunters with a Bloody Decline, he is gaining strength. As soon as he reaches the threshold, the monster will explode, turning into Bloodblight mode. At this stage, MHR Elder Dragon’s attacks will be faster and deadlier. Moreover, most of his abilities will be enhanced to perform additional attacks. Therefore, players need to adapt quickly, realizing that the move that the monster performed earlier will have additional mechanics in this form. In Bloodblight mode, Malseno often steps back and covers himself with his wings. This action means that he is going to jump forward to the goal.

Malseno can be brought out of the Bloody Decline mode by constantly attacking the red glowing parts of his body. However, keep in mind that this is not possible when the monster is in a rage. One of the main attacks that Hunters should beware of is when the Elder Dragon takes off into the air and shoots into the ground with a giant blast of Bloody Decay that spreads throughout the room. To avoid this attack, use Wirebug in MHR to jump into the air and hover for a moment until the ability runs out.