How to Defeat Cyclonemon in Digimon Survive


As Digimon Survive progresses, players will encounter the mini-boss Cyclonemon in Part 3. Players will find this formidable enemy on the bridge immediately after the battle with Arukenimon in Part 3, and they will need to fend off minor enemies in addition to the boss. Players need to make sure their digimon group fights as a unit, because any lone digimon is likely to be easily killed by the boss. To prepare for the battle, players must bring their strongest digimons, which can exploit the weaknesses of cyclonemons.

Cyclonemon’s main weakness is electricity, so players should use Betamon in Digimon Survive or one of its evolutions, if they have one. To add Betamon to your team, players need to find him and make friends with him. Players will face one of them already in Part 1 in the Free Bat zone at the school. When players talk to Digimon, they will be asked a series of questions with four possible answers. To make friends with Betamon and add him to your team, players will need to answer two questions correctly. For example, if Betamon asks, “What would you do if someone told you that the idea you believe in is wrong?” the players should answer, “Get annoyed!”. Alternatively, if Betamon states, “Looking at innocent monsters really calms your heart, doesn’t it?” or “Wanting silence for yourself is such a crime?” players should respond, “What a gentle soul!”. Many of the dialog parameters reflect the dark nature of the Digimon Survive game.

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In addition, players can use Cyclonemon’s aggressiveness against him. When the fight starts, Cyclonemon will immediately rush and quickly be on their side of the bridge. Accordingly, players can develop their digimon and surround the mini-boss and start dealing damage. Cyclonemon will also summon minor enemies to help him during battle, so players will need to keep an eye on their surroundings while still prioritizing damage to the boss.

Digimon Survive: How to make friends with Cyclonemon

In addition, as players move around the world, they will again find Cyclonemones in free battles and random encounters. During these meetings, players will have the opportunity to make friends with him and add Cyclonemon to their team. To make friends with the Cyclonemon, players must talk to the Dragon Digimon and answer three of his statements. If the players give the correct answers, they will become friends of Cyclonemon Digimon in Digimon Survive and will be able to add him to their team.

For example, if Cyclonemon is thinking: “Higher beings cannot be understood by others. But that doesn’t mean I’m lonely or anything like that.” The players have to answer this prompt: “I got it. Me too.” Alternatively, if digimon asks, “Do you like the moon? The view of the full moon is so touching, isn’t it?” the correct answer is: “Reminds you of you?”. Digimon may also ask: “Those whose position fluctuates only from words do not matter much.” And if that’s the case, the players should respond, “I respect your spirit!”. It should be noted that players will need to go to Part 6 before they can find Cyclonemon and make friends with him in the world of Digimon Survive.


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