How to customize the battery icon in Windows 10


Nowadays there are many who choose to buy a laptop that allows them to carry their work tool always with them. In this case, if there is something that we must always have well controlled, it is the autonomy or battery level of the device. In this way, we will avoid running out of it at the most inopportune moment.

Although Microsoft’s own operating system, Windows 10, shows an icon with the battery level, the truth is that it is a detail that we can easily customize. In this way, we can replace the icon of the system itself with a more striking one that indicates the real autonomy at all times or even customize the icon based on the percentage of battery that we have at all times.

To do this, we are going to have to use a simple utility that we can download completely free from this link. Once the .ZIP file has been downloaded, the next thing we must do is unzip said file. To do this, it will ask us to indicate the password with which the file has been protected and which we can see on the download page of the tool.

Allows you to use up to four different icons depending on the battery level

Next, all we have to do is run the Battery Icons.exe file and we will automatically see how the application runs on our desktop, showing us a small window with the current percentage of our laptop’s battery. An icon will now appear in the system tray on which we have to right-click to access its settings.

We choose the Settings option and this will show us a window in which we can see the icons that the tool establishes by default to indicate that the battery is below 25%, between 25 and 50%, between 50 and 75% or between 75 and 100% of its capacity. They are icons in different colors, which allow us to know the level of charge at all times with a simple glance.

Now, if we click on the Browse button that is displayed next to each of the icons, then we can choose the icon that we want to indicate each of the battery levels of our laptop. There are many web pages where we can download icons for free where we can get our favorite icons.

Once downloaded, we simply access the Battery Icons configuration, choose the icon for each battery level range and click the OK button to save the changes. From that moment on, we will have a personalized icon in the system tray that will indicate the battery level at all times. If we position the cursor over these icons, the exact battery percentage will be indicated.


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