How to customize the background of your WhatsApp chats


WhatsApp has long been one of the most used messaging applications in the world. So much so, that for many it has become the main means of communication with family and friends through mobile phones. The Facebook-owned app has many functions, however, there is one quite useful that often goes unnoticed by many users. We refer to the one that allows us to customize the wallpaper of each of our chats.

A function that, in addition to giving our application a personal touch, is very useful to easily differentiate conversations. In this way, we can avoid one of the most embarrassing situations, send a message to who we did not want. And it is quite common to make the wrong chats when sending a message and that it ends up being sent to another person by mistake.

If when entering the chat itself the wallpaper is different and is clearly identifying, then we will have no doubt when sending WhatsApp messages and we will avoid this type of mistakes.

Steps to follow to change the background of a WhatsApp chat

To change the wallpaper of our chats, the first thing we have to do is open the messaging app and enter the chat that we want to customize. Once there, we tap on the menu button and then select the Wallpaper option.

There we will find all the options that WhatsApp offers us. On the one hand we find the option of Clear Backgrounds, where we will find images with light and vivid colors, while on the other hand we can choose between Dark Backgrounds if we choose this other option. If we prefer, we can also put a background with solid and different colors for each conversation. To do this, simply choose the Solid Colors option.

As if that were not enough, the famous messaging application also allows you to set a fully personalized wallpaper. That is, we can choose one of our photos or images from the mobile gallery to set it in the background of the WhatsApp chat of one of our contacts. If it is a photo with that person, for example, there is no doubt that we will identify it quickly.

From that same screen we can also restore the default background for the selected chat or delete the custom wallpaper. In any case, once the default image, color or photo from our gallery has been chosen, all we have to do is click on the Set wallpaper button that is shown at the bottom when a preview of it is shown and automatically that background will be activated for the chosen chat.

In the event that we want to personalize other chats, all we have to do is repeat these same steps with each of the conversations.


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