How To Crimp Ethernet Network Cable At Home


Ethernet: Since the dial-up internet age and long before Wi-Fi became popular in the country, ethernet cable has been present in homes and offices, ensuring a stable and even safer connection when compared to wireless networks, which can suffer external interference .

Today, TecMundo teaches how to crimp a network cable at home, creating several connections and taking advantage of wired transmission.

Benefits of Using a Network Cable

The main benefit of using a wired connection is to have more browsing speed, since there are no external factors that can contribute to data packet loss on the wires, as with wireless connections.

Another advantage of the wired network is the ease of connecting to the internet. In most electronic devices with access to the network, just plug in the cable and the connection is recognized. In wireless transmission, there are some factors that can hinder the process, such as access password and delay to find the network.