How to create surveys and Quizzes in Telegram


Telegram allows users to create surveys and add quiz questions without any third-party applications. The app has added many useful features with the latest updates. For example, back in April, Telegram added customizable notification sounds and a configurable mute duration. With these features, users can set anything as a notification sound for a specific contact and mute someone for a specified time.

If users want to delete all the messages they have received all day, Telegram will also take care of this. Similarly, whether it’s translating a language in an app or creating channels with an unlimited number of participants, Telegram provides more opportunities to play than most other messaging platforms, including Signal and WhatsApp.

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Telegram users can create surveys in groups and channels. To get started, open a group chat or channel, tap the attachment icon and select “Survey” from the available options. Then the user will need to enter a survey question. This is usually the main question that the participant or administrator wants to get an answer to. For example, it could be “What video game to play on the weekend?” For each question, Telegram allows users to add up to 10 options. Finally, before publishing, you will need to select the survey settings.

Choosing the type of Telegram survey

When users are done with questions and answer options, they will need to choose the type of survey. By default, Telegram creates polls in the “Anonymous Voting” mode, in which only the results are displayed, and information about the voting participants is hidden. Creating this type of survey will allow members of a group or channel to choose only one option. However, there is also a “Multiple Answers” type of survey that allows participants to choose more than one option. When creating a survey with multiple responses, administrators can enable or disable anonymous voting. In non-anonymous polls, Telegram administrators can click “View Results” and view voting details.

“Quiz Mode” is the third option that users can choose in the survey settings. It converts the survey into a quiz type question with one correct answer. When creating a quiz, Telegram administrators must choose the correct answer. If the participants click on the correct answer, they will see an animation and a check mark on the screen. If users choose the wrong answer, the survey card in the Telegram group or channel will display an “X” next to the selected answer and a check mark next to the correct answer.