How to Create Kote Divine Fire in Monster Hunter Uprising: Dawn


The Great Divine Wrath Kote is a piece of armor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which serves as a weapon for the Great Divine Wrath set, also known as the Furious Rajang Armor Set. This piece of equipment offers 122 protections and one 4-level slot for great decoration. In addition, the Great Divine Wrath Kote provides fire resistance +2, water resistance +1, thunder resistance +3 and dragon resistance +2 in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. However, its owner will get -5 to ice resistance.

Skill effects provided by the Great Divine Cat of Wrath: Critical Gaze ×2 and Furious ×1. Critical Eye increases Affinity, a characteristic that determines the probability that a weapon will perform a critical attack. Thus, the higher the proximity, the more likely it is that the Hunter will strike harder at the target. “Rage” is a feature introduced in the Solar Break expansion that enhances the mechanics known as “Rage” when players attack a monster. Depending on the level of the Rage skill, Hunters can use their rage to temporarily gain protection and resistance to all elements or gain infinite stamina.

To forge the Great Divine Wrath Cat, Hunters must obtain the following Monster Materials in Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn: Rajang’s Apoplexy ×3, Rajang’s Heart ×1, Rajang’s Strong Claw ×2 and Rajang’s Golden Hide+ ×1. Rajang’s Apoplexy and Rajang’s Heart are items that can only be obtained from the Furious Rajang. This variant of Rajang becomes available in the final part of the Sunbreak add-on.

Creating a Kote of Great Divine Wrath in MHR: Sunbreak

To unlock the Rampaging Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, first dial MR50. This skill becomes available after the Hunters have defeated Narva the Mother of All in the master rank on MR30. After this hunt is completed, the Hunters must level up 20 more times to gain access to the Furious Rajang. As the name suggests, Furious Rajang is always in Rage Mode, which makes it much more powerful than regular Rajang. Also, this variant of Rajang doesn’t have a Tail, which means that Hunters don’t have the ability to negate the monster’s Rage to stop its Rage Mode. Therefore, players must prepare for a challenging battle in Monster Hunter Rise.

Below are the materials necessary for the Great Divine Kote of Wrath, including information about the best farming methods. Please note that Rajang Hardclaw and Gold Rajang Pelt+ can also be obtained from the regular version of Rajang at the Master Rank difficulty level.

Rajang’s Apoplexy: Cutting Reward – 37% | Reward for dropped Materials — 35% Rajang’s Heart: Capture Reward — 6% | Target Reward — 5% Rajang’s Strong Claw: Reward for Broken Part — 100% (Rajang’s Furious Hands) Rajang’s Golden Hide+: The reward for the broken part is 30% (Rajang’s Horn), 30% (Rajang’s Tail)