How to create Guides in Apple Maps (and why it’s useful)


Apple Maps has evolved over the years into a powerful navigation app, and significant features have been added in recent iOS updates, but a little-known Apple Maps feature allows users to sort famous places in “Guides” for easy search. While Google Maps is considered the best in many ways, Apple has closed this gap by updating Apple Maps specifically designed to refine the visual map. The appearance of the map has changed with the release of iOS 15, especially for urban users. The update brought detailed city views, augmented reality routes and improved public transport support to Apple Maps. With all these additions, it’s easy to forget that users can create collections and travel guides right in the Apple Maps app.

iOS 16, the upcoming version of Apple’s mobile software that will debut this fall, aims to simplify the use of the Apple Maps user interface. While iOS 15 has made changes to the actual map included in the Apple Maps app, iOS 16 is focused on software elements. Switches such as mode of transport, departure time and avoiding tolls are now front and center with drop-down menus above the list of available routes. With these changes, it may also be easier to view the “My Travel Guides” feature in Apple Maps. Depending on the number of favorite locations and Siri suggestions, “My Guides” may be displayed on the main page of the Apple Maps app.

To get an idea of what can be created with the help of guides on Apple Maps, the application provides examples of professional guides created by news agencies and media. Open the Apple Maps app and tap the search card. Then scroll down to the “My Guides” section. This will be the place where new guides will be added, but first take a look at what other guides have already been created. Scroll down to “Guides We Love” and “Study Guides” and select a guide that matches the user’s interests. Sample manuals have a bold title, cover and a list of locations — and can be added to user-saved manuals with a single touch.

Create a new Apple Maps Guide

To start working on a new Travel Guide, open Apple Maps and tap the search card. Then scroll down to the “My Guides” section and click “New Guide”. The process of creating a Manual will begin, which begins with adding the appropriate title and image to be used as the cover. After adding the name and photo, click “Create” to add the Guide to Apple Maps. To add a location to the guide on Apple Maps, find it in the search card and click the “…” button on the place card. Then click on “Guides” and select the guide to which the location in Apple Maps will be added.

Guidebooks can be a useful way to organize locations into groups and have many everyday uses even outside of normal use cases. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind are the guidebooks used to plan trips, but this is just the beginning of the usefulness of the guidebook feature. For example, users can use travel guides to store locations and places that the user often searches for, but does not want to add to the Favorites tab on Apple Maps. Also, if a user relies on Apple Maps to navigate places in their hometown — perhaps to preview their expected arrival time or traffic conditions — saving frequently visited places in a travel guide can speed up the process. Regardless of what the Guidebook is used for, Guidebooks are a convenient way to organize places right in the Apple Maps app.


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