How to create groups and voice chats on PS5


The new Sony console offers a new system for creating groups and accessing voice conversations. The new generation delves into its social component.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have already been released, so it is normal for new players to wonder what options they offer and how they can take advantage of all their functionalities. If you are one of those who enjoy the company in video games, surely you will be interested in knowing how you can create groups and voice chats on PlayStation 5. Next, we show you a tutorial with the necessary steps so that you can enjoy all this .

How to create a party on PS5

Press the PS button to access the control center and select Game Base.
Press the square button and select Create group.
Select the players you want to invite to the party.
If you select players with whom you already share groups, those groups will be displayed. To create a new group with those players, select Create a new group.
Send a message to start the conversation.

And how do I access a voice chat?

In this case there are several options, which we list in the following lines:

Start a voice chat in a group
Go to the control center and select Game Base.
Select the group or online friend with whom you want to have a voice chat.
Select Voice Chat.
Select Join. The voice chat will begin. You can manage the chat from the control center. If you are in a group, any member can join the voice chat. You can also invite players to the party and voice chat.

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