How to create family profiles in your Globoplay subscription


The Globoplay streaming platform, by Globo, does not have a traditional feature that is widely used by those who share the service account with other people: the possibility of creating different user “profiles” within the same account, as is possible on Netflix , for example.

In this way, those who like to watch old soap operas can leave the catalog and suggestions totally separate from those who only prefer serials or journalism programs, for example.

However, Globoplay offers a similar option that, although not so complete, is easy to configure and allows other users to link with their own emails. Next, check out how to do this.

1. Access your profile settings

To start, access the platform settings and go to the item “My Account”. The options menu is in the upper right corner of the screen, when you click on your user photo – if you are in your computer’s browser.

For security reasons, it is necessary to enter your password again or confirm the link with a Google or Facebook account.

Remember that you must be a Globoplay subscriber to perform these steps.

2. Select adding family members

On the settings screen, go to the “Family” subtopic and click on the “Manage family” option. The next screen shows who your current dependents are, if someone is already registered.

3. Add dependents

To create a “profile”, you must actually invite interested people. To do this, go to the “Add dependent” button. Note that Globo includes as a rule that the family member is fed up with his family and lives in the same residence as you.

In addition, the number of people who may be dependent is limited, according to your subscription. In Globoplay’s simplest plan, it is possible to link only two accounts.

4. Confirm receipt

On the screen that appears, add the dependent’s email. The message arrives in just a few seconds to the recipient’s inbox.

From here, your task has come to an end and the rest depends on the relative who was linked – who can get yourself with another email, if you wanted to keep separate profiles for the same person, for example.

Whoever receives the email needs to click on the “Accept the invitation” button, noting that it has a limit to expire – that is, it is best to confirm the request as soon as possible.

Then, already in the Globoplay environment, you must log into your platform account or create one if you are not registered.

Ready! As of now, this profile has become “dependent” on a subscriber and can enjoy the streaming collection.


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