How To Create Fake News To Play A Joke On April Fools Day 2021


April Fools Day: Today is December 28, and therefore April Fools’ Day, in which watching news in Spanish on the Internet is a risky exercise – just as in other parts of the world it is April 1, or April’s Fools. that April Fools Day has changed a lot over the years. The festival began as the Catholic feast of the “Innocent Children”, in commemoration of the slaughter of all children under two years ordered by Herod to recognize that the “Messiah” had recently been born.

Create fake news for April Fools’ Day

Now this day is known to be the ideal time to prepare all kinds of jokes to our friends and family. It is true that we are not exactly living in a happy time, since although it is Christmas, the reality of the Coronavirus continues to crush us. But perhaps precisely for this reason, making a loved one smile can do a lot of good, and that is why we tell you how to create false news to your liking.

We are going to play a joke on all the friends and family that we have added, for example, on Facebook or through WhatsApp. To do this, you just have to go to and unleash your creativity. The better you write the news, the easier it will be to fool your friends. That is why we recommend you write at least two or 3 paragraphs to flesh out the made-up news you want.

How to do it? Very easy:

Enter this link that takes you directly to the news generator. You will have to create an account.
When accessing the manager you will find 3 fields to fill in with the headline, the text and an image.
You can choose an image that is stored on your computer or directly use Google search to locate the photo that best illustrates your fake news for April Fools’ Day.
Once the news is generated, you simply have to scroll down completely and select the option “Create your joke”.
It is then when an ideal link will be generated to share on Facebook since as you know, the social network allows you to add a preview of the news that will make your friends and family fall into the trap.