How to create animated wallpapers for your mobile


An essential element in current conversations on social networks, GIFs, that kind of images with an animation that repeats in a loop, are as used as emojis to express moods at a stroke or as a substitute for written phrases, already that with a successful gif words are unnecessary.

More veterans than they might seem, GIFs were not born on networks such as Messenger, Facebook or Twitter, but they have been on the net since 1987 no less.

GIF as mobile wallpaper

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is so popular today that we use them in conjunction with emojis on a daily basis. And we all have a GIF that we love to see and we don’t get tired.

Would you like to have that GIF as a wallpaper on your Android mobile? Well, it is possible with this application that we bring you: GIF Live Wallpaper. Is that how it works:

Search Google or websites like Giphy for an animated GIF that you like to use as a wallpaper and save it in the memory of the mobile
Download the GIF Live Wallpaper app from the Google Play Store
Once open, find the GIF you saved to load it
Now the app will give you the option to configure the GIF: You can modify its size, align the image, rotate it, make the loop movement go faster, change the background color, etc. You can also revert the changes if they don’t convince you
When you have it to your liking, accept the changes
Now click on “Set GIF as Wallpaper”, and choose if you want it on the Home screen of the mobile, or if on the Home screen and on the Lock screen. As simple as that.


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