How to create and use email templates in Gmail


Gmail offers an email template feature that few people know about. By using a template, users can avoid typing the same email over and over again. Gmail allows users to save up to 50 email templates, which can be useful for those who need to send several identical emails per day. This feature is especially useful for people working in customer service, or for those who work in departments such as HR.

Templates are just one of the many useful features of Gmail. A useful technique is scheduled emails, which can be written in advance and sent at a certain time so as not to disturb someone during non-working hours or on weekends. Gmail also allows users to postpone mail by deleting it from the Inbox and rescheduling its reappearance to a later date or time. Another useful Gmail tool is confidential mail, which requires an access code that expires after a certain date.

To set up templates in Gmail, users first need to open the Settings by clicking the gear icon located in the upper-right corner of the Gmail inbox window. Then select View All Settings in the drop-down menu that appears. Then go to the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Templates option and select Enable. After that, click “Save Changes” located at the bottom of the screen. Completing the last step will return the user to the Inbox folder, after which he will be able to start creating and using templates. It is important to note that email templates are only available on the Gmail website. Unfortunately, Gmail apps for iOS and Android phones do not yet support email templates.

Getting Started with Templates in Gmail

To set up a template, click the “Create” button in Gmail. When you have finished composing the letter, click the menu button with three dots in the lower right corner of the creation window and select Templates from the list. In the menu that appears, click “Save Draft as Template”, and then select “Save as New Template”. After completing the last step, a new Gmail window will appear. Enter the template name in this field and click “Save”.

To use an email template in Gmail, click Create to open a new email window. Then go to the “Menu” button with three dots in the lower right corner of the window and select “Templates” from the list that appears. Click on the template you want to insert into the email. The content of the template will be displayed in the Gmail creation window, and now it can be customized or changed as needed.