How To Create A Twitter Circle With The Contacts You Talk To The Most


Twitter: A constant in the day-to-day of relationships through social networks is that there is always a number of contacts with whom you interact more than with the rest. It happens on Facebook. It happens on Instagram. And it happens on Twitter, because if you notice, although you follow several people, some always appear more prominent, and the others maybe you hardly see them because of your TL.

And it’s not because they don’t post, but because you haven’t interacted with them for a long time and Twitter’s algorithms give it less priority.

Your Twitter engagement circle

For a long time, more or less since 2020 or before, we have seen a photo appear in our timelines that hangs a contact in which the avatars of several users appear in a circle. In fact, these days we don’t know if it happens to you too, but we are seeing it again.

It is an image that shows in a visual summary the contacts you interact with the most on Twitter, arranging them in 3 circles, one inside the other. Would you like to have your own circle? Well, this is how it is done:

Open this link to the Chirpty website
Enter the name of your Twitter account – you don’t even need to put the ‘@‘.
If there are no spaces available, wait 15 minutes. You can also pay 0.99 cents so you don’t have to wait.
Now wait for the Twitter API and algorithms to analyze the data and calculate the interactions. The result will be your own circle, with the contacts you interact with the most on the social network.
On the same page you will see a summary of the accounts that make up each of the 3 circles divided into 3 columns.


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