How To Create A Podcast From Discord


Discord is a program developed for the gaming community to chat during games. Launched in 2015, it has been constantly updated with new features and functionality that make users’ lives easier.

And of course with these updates, Discord turns out to be a tool for more than just chatting during games. Podcasters have already noticed this. After all, the entire interface of the program is related to audio quality. And thanks to the facility to add bots to conversations, all you had to do was create one capable of recording the conversation, and so Discord became a tool for recording podcasts.

Best of all, you don’t need to download the desktop version of Discord. All features can be accessed directly from the browser.

How to record podcast on Discord

The first step is to create a server for you to use for your recordings. To do this, just click on the “+” icon in the lower left corner and choose the option “Create mine”. In the next window, you must decide if you want a closed server for you and your friends, or if you prefer to create for a club or community. In this tutorial we will explain using the first option.

Once that’s done, you must choose the name of the server and, if you want, you can add a photo to help differentiate it from the others. Now the server for your podcast will appear in the tab located on the right side of the screen. If you haven’t placed any images, the first letter of the name is highlighted.

Adding Craig

Now that you have your server, you will need a bot to record conversations. Discord has numerous options, which make the use more interesting. For recording podcasts, what you should add is Craig. In short, it is a software that performs recordings, with the advantage of using multi-channels for this. In other words, each participant will have their audio recorded on a different channel.

The main advantage of recording this way is that when editing, if a person’s audio is too noisy, it won’t compromise the entire recording. In addition, you can download the conversation in different formats, including as an Audacity project, ready for your editing.