How to create a countdown on an iOS 14 widget


Apple already has its new operating system in its mobile terminals and there are many things that the bitten apple lets you do.

The news are everywhere, some of them hidden. But those that arrive for the first time are those that require the most attention, as is the case with widgets. These let you do many things with your terminal that you cannot imagine, such as always having a widget with a countdown on your iPhone in view. If you want to know how it works, we will tell you how it is done.

Here’s how to place a countdown on an iOS 14 widget

One of the great novelties that iOS 14 has brought has been the use of widgets. The software is capable of creating several information boxes on the screen of your terminal, having everything you need in view. The time, WhatsApp messages, images, emails … all this is what you can do with this feature, but you may not know that you can create a countdown widget in iOS 14.

The process is very simple and in just a few taps you will have this new feature at your disposal. We start from the basis that it is a widget, so you have to leave free space on any of the pages of your iPhone to have it in view. Otherwise, you will have to create that gap by rearranging the applications. But let’s imagine that you already have this step covered, so let’s tell you about the procedure.

The first thing you need to do is download an application called Countdown Widget Maker to your smartphone. We leave you the link to make it easier for you to use this feature, for which you will have to pay. When you have gone through the checkout you will have the possibility of generating small boxes that will make you a countdown of what you need.

At the beginning it will give you the option of making a large or a small widget depending on the needs you have. In addition, you will have the possibility to add a small text, change the internal style of the box as well as the typography of the letters that will indicate the title of the widget. The best thing is that you can put a date and a counter will appear with the days, either in numbers or pie charts or with free and occupied spaces, of the time remaining for the event in question.


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