How to create a Beautiful Kamura Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The beautiful Kamura Glaive is the highest—ranking insect glaive in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, capable of dealing 330 units of base damage and using Level 14 Kinects. When using this weapon, the goal is to quickly deal slashing damage using the glaive’s mobility and Kinsect’s ability to attack and slice monsters. In addition, the Insect’s Glaive deals damage from North-type weapons, and the Kinect gives additional attack power to targets weak in relation to weapons in the Monster Hunter Uprising. Accordingly, Fine Kamura Glaive will work well against monsters like Mizutsune, Bazelgeuse, Anjanath, Tigrex and Rathian.
To create a Beautiful Kamura Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, hunters must spend 60,000 zenni and get a list of 2 items of materials, including the affected skin × 7 and MR. Bone × 20 glasses. The cost in Zenny is moderately high, but Hunters should have more than enough currency, following the main story of the Sunbreak expansion.
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It should be noted that the Beautiful Kamura Glaive is the ultimate improvement of several other Kamura Warrior Tree Insect Glaives. Thus, Hunters will need to start the Weapon Tree by creating the first necessary insect glaive — the Kamura Warrior Glaive. Below is a list of all the improvements that led to the creation of Fine Kamura Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.
Creating a beautiful Kamura Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
First, here are the materials needed to make the Kamura Warrior Glaive:
18,000 Zenny8 Elthalite Ore: Mining in temple ruins, flooded forest, ice islands, sandy plains, lava caves and jungles. Pirantula.1 Avegit: mining in the ruins of the temple
The Hunters must then make a Kamura+ Warrior Glaive using the following:
24,000 Zenny2 Centuria Ore: Mining Outcrops Found in the Citadel 2 Jyuratodus Cortex: Guaranteed Reward for a Broken leg part Jyuratodus1 Large Wyvern Gem: 5% Chance of falling out of Tigrex, Barroth, Diablos, Barioth, Diablos and Nargacuga15 MR Bone Points
Finally, here are the items mentioned above needed to make Fine Kamura Glaive in Sunbreak:
60,000 Zenny7Afflicted Pelt: Stricken Monsters in Anomaly Research Quests 20 MR Bone Points
The total cost of the Fine Kamura Glaive weapon tree is 102,000 zenni. This amount can be relatively large for those who are launching this insect glaive tree for the first time. Thus, an effective way to farm Zenni is to participate in mining expeditions in Lava Caves during a mountain climb. Don’t forget to wear armor or jewelry with geologist skill to increase the efficiency of harvesting.