How To Convert BIOS To UEFI And Install Windows 11


BIOS: The expectation of launching Windows 11 may have been frustrated for some users, even meeting the minimum requirements set by Microsoft. This is due to the adjacent resources required to start the installation of the new operating system, in order to make it even more secure against malicious software. However, the requirements are not clarified enough by the Redmond giant and, for this reason, they have become a real problem for users.

More specifically, Windows 11 installation will not succeed if the security feature “Secure Boot” or “Secure Boot” in Portuguese is disabled. To enable it, however, it is necessary to switch the BIOS boot method to UEFI, which may require converting the system’s internal storage to “GUID Partition Table (GPT)” if it is operating in “Master Boot Record” format (MBR)” — causing problems “in a ripple effect”.

Conversion to UEFI

In short, this conversion is necessary to ensure that Secure Boot works correctly, as it requires hardware and software compliance to provide the designed security. In addition, the measure also prevents the user from losing data present on the device’s internal storage.

Before proceeding to the solution, it is recommended to assess the computer through the application “PC Health Check”, updated by Microsoft to provide more information about what could be causing the problem. Download it by clicking here.


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