How to control the data LinkedIn collects from you


Social networks are very useful depending on their nature. Yes, it is true that its main attraction is to see what your friends or brands you follow are uploading, but not all of them have the same entertainment purpose. We put the case of LinkedIn, in which you can connect with companies and find work. But like any social network this collects data about you and if you want to have control over said data we will tell you how to do it.

How to know the data that LinkedIn knows about you

It is a fact that any site on the Net knows some of your data. It is not necessary to enter a username and password, just installing the application or browsing a website is enough. This is so, and LinkedIn is no exception. It is true that the social network may only have data from the companies that you follow to find work, but you also tell them the contacts you have and that also counts.

What you have to do is enter your LinkedIn settings, specifically in the Advertising data section. Here you will find all the sections that are related to all the data that the work social network collects about you. You can, from here, change the behavior of the application regarding this.

On the other hand, in the privacy area you will have the possibility to see how LinkedIn manages your data and here we also have to take a look to see what things the work social network collects about your stay in it.

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On the one hand you have the activity data where you can see everything you have done recently. You can also control the rest of the parameters that you have shared in your navigation. Among this information you will find the preferences of the job applications to which you have aspired, how your profile is shared to the job advertiser and even the accounts of the candidates that you store in case you have a company account.


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