How to configure WhatsApp Web on Windows and MacOS


Do you want to know how you can configure WhatsApp Web on Windows or MacOS? Here we leave you some simple steps so you can achieve it

WhatsApp is a popular phone application that sends messages over the Internet instead of SMS. It is available for both Windows and MacOS, and you can also download the WhatsApp desktop application or access WhatsApp from your browser.

WhatsApp is designed for phones, so the web and desktop apps are designed to work with your mobile app, not to replace it. You can send messages via WhatsApp on your browser or on your desktop, but you can only make calls on mobile. To use WhatsApp in the browser or on your desktop, you will need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone and already have an account set up. Next, you will have to connect the web and desktop applications to WhatsApp on your phone.

Your phone needs a working internet connection to be able to use the web and desktop applications and sync your messages between devices. The last thing to keep in mind is that you can only log into one browser or desktop app at a time.

Access WhatsApp in your browser

To access the messaging application from your browser:

Go to
To stay logged in, make sure the box in the lower right corner next to “Keep me signed in” is checked.
Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.
Tap “Settings” in the lower right corner of your screen in the mobile app if you are on an iPhone. If you are using Android, click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
Then, tap on “WhatsApp Web” or “WhatsApp Web / Desktop” on your phone app.
Scroll down and click “Scan QR Code”.
Use your phone to scan the QR code on the web page. Try to center the code on the screen.
The code will expire after a while, but you can click the green button with an arrow on the right side to load the code again.

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To configure the desktop application:

Go to the WhatsApp download page and download the application by clicking the button on your device. The download links for the desktop app will be on the right hand side.
Open the download. This will take a while to install.
If you are on a Mac, a window will appear. Drag the WhatsApp icon in that window to the Applications folder icon in the same window.
Double-click on the Applications folder in that window.
A second window will appear with different applications. Click on the WhatsApp icon in the application window.
A window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to open the application. Click “Open.”
If you’re on a Windows device, opening the download will automatically open the app, skipping the Mac installation steps.
Once the application opens, you will be prompted to follow the same steps that are used to connect to WhatsApp for web browsers. Start by opening WhatsApp on your phone. As with the browser version, the box next to “Keep me signed in” is automatically selected, but you can choose to uncheck it.
Click “Settings” in the lower right corner of your phone screen if you are using an iPhone, or click the three dots in the upper right corner if you are on Android.
Touch “WhatsApp Web” or “WhatsApp Web / Desktop” on your phone.
Then click on “Scan QR Code”.
Scan the code in the desktop application using your phone to connect the two applications.


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