How To Configure The New Temporary WhatsApp Messages To 1 Day Or 3 Months, You Choose


WhatsApp: When you send a photo or image through the private Instagram chat, you can schedule it to be deleted as soon as the recipient sees it, or when a few minutes / hours pass. This feature has been on Instagram for years, but not on WhatsApp.

Activate Temporary Messages

To send messages that disappear in WhatsApp, you must activate the temporary messages, something that is done like this, and by the way you will be able to check whether or not you have the function already available in your version of the app:

Open the WhatsApp chat.
Touch the contact’s name.
Tap Temporary messages.
If prompted, tap CONTINUE.
Select On.

Once activated, new messages sent in the chat disappear after 7 days. The most recent selection will affect all messages in the chat, although this setting does not apply to messages previously sent or received in the chat. In an individual chat, any user can activate or deactivate temporary messages. In a group chat, only administrators will be able to turn temporary messages on or off.

WhatsApp temporary photos and videos

In the messaging app, when you send an image, it stays sent and you can only delete it within the period of time that the app gives you to cancel a message. But if the contact or group has seen it, it stays there, even stored in their galleries.

Or at least that happened, because for a few months, anyone can send an image by WhatsApp and program it to self-delete whenever they want. And yes, that’s what that number that appears in the bar to compose the message is for.