How to Complete Island Hopper Quests in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 3


In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players can complete Island Hopper quests, which are a series of six challenges inspired by the Island Hopper playlist. Accordingly, players will be tasked with playing in creative game modes created by the community. Players can earn unique rewards in addition to XP if they can adjust to the new mechanics in the community-created game modes in time to complete the Fortnite quests, which will no longer be available after July 6, 2022 at 10:00 am ET.

In the first quest, players will be asked to collect 3,000 resources in PvE One Trigger. In this game mode, players will fight for survival in the sky. They will start the match with a small trigger that players can click to get resources. If the players manage to survive long enough, they will eventually reach the boss battle. To complete the resource gathering quest, players will want to be aggressive on the trigger at the beginning of the game and may have to play this game mode multiple times.

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The second quest requires players to unlock 3 achievements in the Parkour Universe. This vibrant field is inspired by a playground and includes slides and other obstacles that players can climb, jump and run over. As a non-battle map in Fortnite, the challenge of this game mode is just to keep moving and stay alive without falling. As players explore this course, they will unlock goals and unlock achievements that need to be completed to complete the quest. In addition, players will be tasked with unlocking 4 achievements in Color Dash. On this map, all players will be in the car, and the arena is filled with colored tiles. Players will need to park their car on the designated colored tile as directed and probably fight with other players for the tile they need.

Fortnite: Island Hopper Quests and Rewards

Players will also be tasked with completing 5 melee kills or collecting 50 coins in Fortnite in Ultimate Murder Mystery. This game is inspired by classic games in which players confront each other by giving secret information to one group. On this map, the players will be divided into Hunters, Sheriffs, or Innocents. The goal is for the sheriffs to determine who the Hunters are before all the Innocents are killed. Players seeking to complete the quest will have to stay alive long enough to collect 50 coins or kill other players as Hunters.

Another Island Hopper quest is to use 8 vending machines in Blimp Wars. In Blimp Wars, players will find a 12 by 12 arena designed for players jumping between huge airships. Accordingly, players will need to avoid falling, as well as avoid their opponents. To complete the quest, players will need to find vending machines in Fortnite on the map. The sixth and final quest is to eliminate 3 opponents of props in the “Hunt for Props — Shopping Mall”. For this game mode, half of the players will be disguised as random items found in the arena. Other players must try to discover the players hidden among the objects before the time runs out. To complete the task, players will need to successfully find and eliminate three opponents disguised as objects.

Successful completion of each Island Hopper quest will earn players 10,000 XP, which can significantly contribute to their progress in the battle pass. The order in which players complete the tasks does not matter, as they will be rewarded with a crow spray and a GG smiley face for one task, a tropical infrared wrap and a devastating spray for successfully completing three tasks, as well as a decoration on the back of a Macaw Dark Wings and a pickaxe with a Tropic beak for completing all. six quests in Fortnite.