How to combine iOS 14 widgets! Details


One of the most significant changes in iOS 14 has been the widgets. This novelty has put on the screen of the users of the bitten apple some digital posters that help them to know the information they need most without having to open any application. However, when it comes to opening several, you may have thought of dedicating a single screen to this function. But to save you this we tell you how to combine several widgets in iOS 14.

This is how iOS 14 widgets are combined

Using an app without opening it is something Apple has strived for in this latest version of the operating system for smartphones. On the one hand you have the App Clips, which are designed so that you do not have to install any application but access them from the web. The other option is to use the widgets that we have told you about at some point and that, if you are a user of the bitten apple operating system, you have already tried them.

Today we have to focus on the seconds, which have a lot to say even beyond what they show. And it is that these posters have an extra function that will help you control them all from the same place or space, which is even more important. And, if you still did not know, you can group the widgets in one.

This function is very easy to use and you will only need to slide these posters to do it. And it is as simple as that: the first thing you have to do is select a widget and drag it on top of another. Automatically both will have a group that will be limited to the space corresponding to the destination. The decision is yours to place it in the largest or the smallest, depending on the aesthetic you want to give to your iPhone page or the importance of the information you are going to request.

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Once joined you will have a new option within the widget space. This consists of sliding your finger up or down to navigate through the different options that you have collected. The number of dots you have on the right side will indicate how many widgets you have grouped.

Mission: save space

As we mentioned before, the reason to combine has a clear mission and it is none other than to save space on your iPhone page. This way you get that a page is not saturated with all the information that you have in front of you and you leave room for the groups of applications or apps that you have loose on the screen. Here, the decision is yours.


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