How to Clean a Mouse Pad: Decorate Your Gaming Rig


Cleaning the mouse pad is one of the simplest and most important things for your gaming setup. Here are some quick steps to help you get a fresh and clean surface.

Regardless of whether you are a gamer, a student or an office worker, a mouse pad is a must-have accessory on your desk. This will add aesthetics to your installation and ensure smooth operation of the mouse.

Since it is always on your table, there is a high probability that there may be stains on it from the last pizza you ate or spilled coffee. Regardless of what might have happened to him, cleaning the mouse pad is simply hygienic. Moreover, large accumulations of dirt can damage your favorite gaming mouse or even keyboard.

In addition, it makes no sense to guess that a faulty mouse can interfere with your gaming sessions. So, instead of overlooking and ignoring your bad mouse pad, let’s share a few quick tips on how to get the mouse pad back into the shape of a ship.

How to wash a mouse pad?

You can wash the mouse pad with warm water, isopropyl alcohol, microfiber cloth, soft cloth, sponge and a small amount of fabric detergent. However, depending on the type of your mouse pad, there are several ways to clean it.

How to clean a plastic mouse pad

The plastic mouse pad is easy to clean compared to its fabric counterparts. All you have to do is take a soft microfiber cloth to first clean the surface from dust, making sure there are no particles on it. Then take a separate soft cloth and lightly blot it with isopropyl alcohol. Then rub any of the affected areas and you will find that stains and dirt are easily removed. This method can remove even sticky stains, and you should apply moderate force while brushing.

Isopropyl alcohol will not affect any fancy RGB that may be on your mouse pad, however you should make sure it is disconnected from your system before cleaning it.

How to clean a cloth mouse pad

Cleaning a fabric mouse pad is a bit more difficult than a plastic one because you don’t want to disturb the fibers too much or negatively affect the surface. First, walk over the surface with a microfiber cloth to collect any stray particles.

After you have cleaned the surface of the mess, we recommend that you fill the bowl with warm, but not boiling water. From there, take a sponge or other soft surface. Then immerse the mouse pad and use a small amount of detergent. It can be just a few drops. Then lightly rub the surface.

Be very careful when cleaning and make sure that your mouse pad does not stretch or deform during the process. When you are satisfied with your work, take out the mouse pad and let it air dry.

After that, you can put it back on the table and it will be squeaky clean.

Why is my mouse pad not working?

Functionally, a mouse pad is just a surface that allows your mouse to slide over the surface without much trouble. However, if your mouse pad does not work properly, it may be dirty or the surface may be damaged due to excessive dirt, uneven surface or frayed fabric. In some of these cases, you may just have to get yourself a brand new one, so we’ve listed some of our options below.


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