How To Choose The Best Refrigerator On Black Friday?


Black Friday is a date well awaited by many Brazilian consumers. The annual promotion-packed event is a great opportunity to refresh your home appliances, including the refrigerator.

On November 26th, people will be bombarded by various offer options. In this way, it is really difficult to decide which appliance is best suited to occupy this important space in the kitchen.

Therefore, we have separated some tips to choose the best refrigerator on Black Friday. We also separated some models of refrigerators that deserve your attention during the date.

How to choose a fridge on Black Friday?

When purchasing a refrigerator, consumers need to pay attention to some aspects of the product, their own family and residence. These details will be important when choosing the “perfect model” for the kitchen.


The size of the refrigerator needs to meet both the number of people in the house and the physical space in the kitchen. For example, appliances with up to 350 liters meet the needs of couples or families with up to four members.

Internally, the templates must have space to efficiently organize fruits, vegetables, cold cuts and other everyday products. Furthermore, it is recommended that the freezer can store large amounts of food whenever necessary.


Certain refrigerators have fundamental technologies for everyday life. Great help when cleaning, the Frost Free refrigerator models have a refrigeration system that prevents the formation of ice.

Many modern devices adopt inverse technology. With this design, the freezer is located on the underside of the appliance, leaving the most used shelves at the user’s eye level.

Energy Efficiency Seal

Another point of attention is in relation to the Procel energy efficiency seal. Refrigerators are one of the most energy-consuming items in a home, so it’s important to buy a really economical appliance.

Refrigerator Suggestions on Black Friday

Now that you know what points to consider when choosing a refrigerator, we’ve selected six models for you to keep an eye on Black Firday Refrigerators. Check out:

Electrolux DC35A Cycle Defrost Refrigerator, 260L

The Electrolux DC35A Refrigerator is a model suitable for homes with families and small kitchens. With a capacity of 260 liters, the device has a reversible can-holder shelf that guarantees the best use of the internal space.

In addition to the Super Freezer, the Cycle Defrost function is one of the highlights of this cooler. Although it does not have the Frost Free function, the duplex refrigerator accumulates little ice and requires defrosting on average twice a year.

Consul CRM39AK Frost Free Refrigerator, 340L

The Consul CRM39AK Stainless Steel Refrigerator has flexibility as its main feature. With Frost Free function and internal space of 340 liters, the model uses an adjustment system that makes it possible to adjust the shelves in up to 8 levels.

Very useful, the Turbo Function makes it possible to cool the refrigerator much faster than in the normal cycle. This feature is ideal for days when the device is too full or festive occasions.


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