How to choose and buy the right notebook for you


Choosing a notebook computer may not be as easy as it sounds. With so many options available, it is normal to be in doubt about the best alternative, especially in Black Friday times, when there are many promotions. In order not to regret, the tip is to think about how the laptop will be used.

Those looking for a device to perform tasks that require a lot of the machine, for example, will have problems choosing a less robust version. Users with simpler needs may end up paying dearly for an advanced notebook when they could save money by choosing a cheaper and more efficient model.

Check out some tips for not making a mistake in choosing.


Notebook for everyday life

The more advanced specifications need not be a concern if you are looking for a laptop to surf the internet, watch videos and run lighter software.

A model like the Dell Inspiron 14 or 15 5000 has modern and cost-effective features that can be used at home, for studying and traveling. Available in 14 and 15.6 inch versions, it is equipped with 10th generation Intel Core processor, SSD and fingerprint reader.

Notebook to play

Those interested in a gamer notebook should pay attention to the screen, video card, RAM, processor, keyboard and battery life, among other components, always prioritizing high performance.

A good option is the Dell G5 15 Notebook, with a 15-inch Full HD screen and an optional 144 Hz frequency. Other differentials are the integrated dual speakers, the high number of inputs (most at the rear), the cooling system and the Alienware Command Center technology, which facilitates access to the configuration for games.

Notebook for professional activities
If you need powerful performance for the job, seeking the best in technology is essential. In that case, the New XPS 13, Dell’s new premium notebook, is the perfect choice.


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