How to choose a voice for the Google Assistant


If you have ever used the Google Assistant or Google Assistant, you will know that the voice of the AI ​​assistant was female by default. But we are in the era of Inclusivity, so Google has decided to solve this and offer all its users a new customization option: The possibility of choosing between a male and a female voice in Spanish.

Choose male or female voice in Google Assistant

This new function comes with the aim that users feel that the Google Assistant is their “true personal assistant”, as explained by the company on its blog. How to do it? In this way:

  1. Use the voice command on your phone or tablet: “Hey Google, open the Assistant settings”
  2. Go to the “Assistant” tab
  3. Find and click on “Assistant Voice.” Here you can select between the two types of voices available, represented by colors.

Colors instead of genres

According to Google, “We have learned that users like to choose the voice that sounds best to them, and we believe that it is important to present them without labels.” Thus, if you choose to keep the female voice, it will show you red; if instead you choose the male version, orange is your color.

But there is more, since the male voice is not the only novelty today in the Google Assistant in Spain. For a few weeks now, Google Assistant has allowed you to create notes and different types of lists with just your voice in Keep, and Bring !. In this way, you “dictate” to the Assistant those things that you need to remember.

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