How to change your username on Instagram


When you enter a social network you always have to put a name visible to the public. A different thing is the username, which is what anyone can mention you in their post. Returning to the subject of the public name, there are networks that do not let you change it or even have a limit of editions as is the case of Instagram, which we are going to teach you to change.

Here’s how to change the Instagram username

Instagram is one of the most used social networks. Thanks to its simple format and because it is a photographic social network, you just have to slide your finger across the screen to navigate through the menu, or scroll down the window with the mouse. But many users like to personalize their experience and this is not only achieved through dark mode or changing the profile image, they also have other customizable options such as names.

Each social network has its own policy regarding the change of the nickname or username, different things that we have described in the first paragraph. Some do not let you change them, others only give you a limit of modifications, but in the case of Instagram you can change the username as many times as you see fit, fulfilling a single requirement: that the name is not already registered.

The procedure is very similar between the browser and mobile versions, since it goes through the same points. The first thing you have to do is enter the profile editing options. You will enter the page where you can see all the parameters of the account. Then tap on the username field and change it to the one you like the most, as long as it meets the requirement that we have told you before.

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Can I reuse my old username on Instagram?
If you have managed to change your username on Instagram to one that you liked more, you are in luck. Following the previous steps you can also change your nickname to another one that you like the most, although this does not matter so much to the application since this will not give you the notifications of mentions.

However, you should know one important thing and that is that if you change your username, you may not get it back. And is that taking into account the previous restriction, if a name is vacant another user can take it for you, so make sure before you want to make this change.


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